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Working closely with our members, we're developing products and services to solve your most complex challenges.

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Supply Chain
Conductiv Services

Amplify your team's purchased services sourcing capacity by utilizing subject matter experts as an extension of your team. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Conductiv Platform

Comprehensive, purchased services lifecycle management that helps you optimize contracts, accelerate sourcing, and achieve better outcomes. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing
Conductiv Contracts

The purchased services GPO dedicated to bespoke sourcing that saves you time and money while improving your contracts. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing
National Contracting Portfolio

Available savings. Agreements spanning cardiology, facilities, imaging, IT, laboratory, materials management, nursing,  and surgical services.

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing
Non-Acute Solutions

Portfolio for the continuum. Comprehensive purchasing contracts for practices, testing centers, long-term care and others. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing
Committed Purchasing Programs

Programs to fit you. The higher your contract commitment, the higher your organization's savings. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing
Custom Contracting

Partner for negotiation. Agreements for services, products and high value implants driven by Premier member groups and health systems.

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing
Distribution Contracts

Managing supply chain flow. Medical and surgical products, IV therapy items, janitorial and sanitation materials, suture and endomechanical products and private label goods. 

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing
Environmental Stewardship

Green supply chain. Committed to helping our members identify sustainable products that have a lower impact on the environment. 

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing

Nutrition as therapy. Food, beverage and enterals along with distribution to support your needs.

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing
Business and Industry Contracts

Commercial market portfolio. Savings for hospitality, recreation and municipalities. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing
Direct Sourcing

Removing cost from the supply chain. Access quality products and innovative strategies that drive market change by leveraging product manufacturing, sourcing and clinical expertise at Premier. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing
Purchased Services

Meeting you where you are. National and custom agreements, in concert with our consulting, help you maximize savings within hospital operations.

Supply Chain
High-Value Implants

Specialized price benchmarking. Our customized pricing strategy and advisory services for reducing high value implant costs. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Group Purchasing
Facilities, Construction and Environmental Services

Collaborating on all milestones surrounding facilities management. Helping you plan, build and maintain your facility including agreements, consulting, technology and staff support. Learn More.

Supply Chain

Design-to-Procure. Consulting and services including budgeting, space planning, procurement support and analytics for your capital analytics needs. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Remitra: Procure-to-Pay

Automate manual payment processes and eliminate unnecessary waste with RemitraTM. Premier’s cloud-based procure-to-pay technology designed to support greater efficiencies and improve visibility into your health systems total spend. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Sourcing & Contract Management

Cloud-based catalog. Manage contracts, negotiate with suppliers, and manage supply chain costs all in one place.  

Supply Chain
Spend Analytics

Automating your supply chain. Analyze total supply spend and find savings opportunities in med/surg and pharmacy. Learn More

Supply Chain
Resource Utilization

Standardizing for savings. Our unmatched database and expertise will allow you to get the right usage mix to optimize cost and quality.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain Optimization

Experience matters. Helping organizations receive best pricing by using comparative benchmarks to monitor supply costs. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain Interim Leadership

Bridging to excellence. Tapping our national network of expertise, we can provide interim leadership that moves your supply chain forward. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Hospital & Clinician Performance

Performance dividend. Benchmark and manage clinical performance across the continuum of care. Learn more.

Supply Chain
High Reliability Organization

Moving toward high reliability. Customizable services in leadership, workforce engagement, work design, performance improvement and results analysis. Learn More.

Supply Chain

Trusted learnings. With hospitals across 37 states, QUEST® Quality Improvement Collaborative is one of the most comprehensive improvement programs in the nation.

Supply Chain
Clinical Surveillance

Uniquely complement your EHR. Immediately act on opportunities to protect your patient population and your organization’s bottom line. Learn more.

Supply Chain
Regulatory Reporting

End-to-end compliance. Compliance solutions for hospitals and physicians in pay for performance and MACRA programs. Learn more.

Supply Chain
Regulatory Services

One-stop preparation. Services to demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards through the lens of safe, high-quality patient care.

Supply Chain
Clinician Performance Management

A 360º view. A complete picture of clinician performance across the continuum of care. Learn more.

Supply Chain
Accreditation Readiness Network

An inside look. Share survey experiences and learn from others’ TJC and DNV survey processes and outcomes during post-survey briefing calls.

Supply Chain
Quality Improvement Services

An integration difference. Quality consulting and data analytics help deliver solutions for quality and cost improvement as you journey toward population health. Learn More.

Supply Chain
Clinical Documentation Improvement

Clinical rationale translated. Achieve demonstrable improvements in case mix index (CMI), coding accuracy, quality metrics, risk adjustment and physician alignment.

Supply Chain
Quality Interim Leadership

Foundational excellence. Leverage national comparative data to help overcome payment risks by customizing physician-to-physician education.

Supply Chain
Clinical Decision Support

Evidence-based guidance in the workflow. Develop, deploy and monitor real-time and patient-specific best practices at the point of care. Read more.

Supply Chain
Professional Learning and Certification

Online, end-to-end education management. Develop medical education and performance improvement activities for single and multi-licensed healthcare professionals, track attendance, automate processing and report for outcomes. Learn more.

Supply Chain
Perinatal Improvement Collaborative

Premier’s Women and Infants Program is focused on ensuring mothers and babies are always at the center of care, and support by the latest evidence, best doctors, and the most successful practices. Learn more.

Supply Chain
Strategic Collaborative

Bringing together leaders. Accelerates learning and facilitates networking with other organizations on the same journey to help develop sustainable and successful strategies.

Supply Chain
Academic Improvement Committee

Established to provide strategic input and direction to Premier’s Board of Director’s on specific initiatives, products and services targeted to address the unique challenges facing academic health systems.

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