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Honoring Breakthrough Healthcare Technologies at Premier’s Annual Innovation Celebration

Key takeaways:

  • Premier’s Innovation Celebration honors groundbreaking healthcare technologies that have been launched throughout the year during our annual Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition.
  • This year’s Innovation Celebration will showcase seven of Premier’s most pioneering healthcare suppliers, their products and the ways that they are helping to improve the health of communities.
  • Breakthroughs Conference attendees will have an exclusive opportunity to talk to the honorees and see their innovations in person during the Innovation Celebration on June 20.

In just a few weeks, Premier’s annual Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition will be in full swing in Nashville, TN. The conference offers our members, suppliers and other partners an exciting opportunity to hear from world-renowned speakers, discover industry-leading insights, network with one another, advance their learning and development goals and much more.

One of the highlights we look forward to each year is our Innovation Celebration where we recognize some of our most innovative suppliers and honor their technological breakthroughs.

We are particularly proud to celebrate the innovations of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Merit Medical, Mermaid Medical, Ricoh USA, Roche and VERO Biotech later this month. Their breakthroughs will help us improve the health of communities globally. Below are brief descriptions of their game-changing products.

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare: Airvo 3 Device

The F&P Airvo™ 3 delivers humidified high flow therapy to spontaneously breathing pediatric and adult patients across a broad 2-70 L/min flow range. With an integrated flow generator, battery and the ability to accommodate a high-pressure oxygen source, the Airvo™ 3 facilitates uninterrupted therapy by enabling patient mobility throughout the hospital journey.

GE Healthcare: One-Stop Clinic for Breast

The One-Stop Clinic™ for Breast brings together advanced breast imaging technology to refine the patient experience by reducing the time from screening to precise diagnosis and treatment plan. This connected and coordinated patient experience means getting a patient from accurate diagnosis to next steps faster. The solution works toward:

  • Providing patient access to a rapid screening, diagnosis and treatment plan pathway, reducing patient anxiety and improving overall satisfaction.
  • Minimizing repeat tests and scans due to false positives.
  • Improving quality of diagnoses and care.
  • Enabling effective screening for patients.

Merit Medical: SCOUT® MD

SCOUT® MD™ is an innovative surgical localization system that expands Merit’s portfolio of products to optimize oncology for breast and other soft tissue cancers. The SCOUT® MD™ localization system supports implantation of up to four unique reflector configurations. When implanted within abnormal breast or other soft tissue, the reflectors enable surgeons to:

  • Pinpoint tumor location in multiple dimensions for more precise excision.
  • Minimize trauma to healthy tissue.
  • Help reduce the likelihood of re-excision and the emotional and physical pain associated with a second surgery.

Mermaid Medical: Angel® Catheter

The Angel® Catheter is an IVC filter permanently attached to a triple lumen central venous catheter. The smart, elegant design provides vascular access, prophylactic PE protection and guarantees IVC filter retrieval. Being the first and only IVC filter to receive FDA clearance for a prophylactic use indication, the Angel® Catheter:

  • Provides immediate and effective PE protection during a critical and frequently untreated window for critically ill patients.
  • Allows for bedside placement.
  • Offers peace of mind for clinicians and their patients during a time when patients are considered high risk for VTE and have contraindications to anticoagulation.

Ricoh USA: RICOH 3D for Healthcare

RICOH 3D for Healthcare is an integrated end-to-end workflow solution that makes the production of patient-specific 3D-printed anatomic models simple, fast and accurate. Now, any medical facility can provide their teams with cost-effective 3D printing services that work with existing platforms to serve the needs of patients and providers alike. It furthers patient engagement and precision healthcare with a detailed replica matched to the unique anatomy of each individual patient, helping clinicians see inside anatomy for greater visibility into patient needs.

Roche: Elecsys® Alzheimer’s Disease Assay

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a public health crisis that continues to grow and pose a significant economic burden to health systems and our communities. The Roche Elecsys® Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) CSF biomarker assays confirm the presence of amyloid pathology and aid in early AD diagnosis. The Elecsys® AD CSF biomarkers provide an accurate and accessible testing option at a low cost, meaning an accelerated path to diagnosis and a gateway to new therapies and lifestyle interventions are within reach for more people. Providing an FDA-cleared AD CSF biomarker ratio to U.S. patients improves standard of care in early identification of AD and contributes to the evidence needed for future guidelines updates.

VERO Biotech: GENOSYL® Delivery System (DS)

VERO Biotech’s steadfast commitment to innovation resulted in the first tankless inhaled nitric oxide delivery system approved by the FDA – the GENOSYL® Delivery System (DS). This technology is a simple, easy-to-use device that improves clinician workflow, allowing more time for direct patient care, with an effortless setup and dose initiation process that takes less than two minutes. GENOSYL® DS has a Smart Feedback SystemTM that continuously adjusts and precisely maintains iNO dose based on a sampled value, expanding areas of use to include low-flow anesthesia, which benefits patients and reduces the amount of anesthetic agents wasted. This results in cost savings and reduction of hospital greenhouse gas emissions.

Congratulations to All Showcased Premier Suppliers and Their Innovative Healthcare Technologies

The Innovation Celebration is entering its 12th year of recognizing and honoring true innovations that improve the health of our communities. With roughly 100 nominations annually, clinicians, physicians and supply chain experts nationally evaluate these technologies and services for their merit. Being honored at Breakthroughs is a sensational accomplishment, and we are so very pleased to shine a well-deserved spotlight on our industry partners for their innovations.

Premier members: Registration for Breakthroughs 23 is now open. Secure your spot today and check out these innovations in person during the Innovation Celebration on Tuesday, June 20!

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